Sniffer dogs vs SmellCells

Find out the difference

What is the difference between a sniffer dog and the SmellCells Sensor?

1. Our SmellCells Sensor smells much more than a sniffer dog's nose. This is due to the fact that it is able to detect at PPB levels (parts per billion). So we smell things a dog just can't!

2. Our SmellCells Sensor can operate 24/7 without having to take breaks, while sniffer dogs need breaks after 20-30minutes because their olfactory receptors are saturated and need "time off" to clean out.

Our SmellCells Sensors are able to detect any kind of explosives in real-time. A scan (or sniff!) takes less than 10 seconds and results are delivered immediately. 

With our technology we can help increase security and safety on many levels - anywhere where you need to know right away without having to wait for results: at airports, public transportation HUBs, events and stadiums...

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Listeria detection
In less than 10 seconds