Detection of Covid-19 biomarkers

TSI-3000 Analyzer

Non-invasive, 20-seconds breath analyzer for the detection of biomarkers associated with Covid-19

We are excited to share the news that we are bringing a revolutionary technology to the market to help fight Covid-19.

The ongoing pandemic has prompted our company to focus on the detection of respiratory diseases. Based on IMS (ion-mobility-spectrometry) technology, which has been used very successfully for many years for the detection of explosives and drugs, a new, intelligent application for the detection of Covid-19 infections has been developed.

The TSI-3000 Analyzer detects and analyzes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) not only in substances, air or liquids, but also in human breath. VOCs in human breath can serve as potential biomarkers for the detection of diseases and inflammations.

The sampling method is completely non-invasive: breath is exhaled 10 times onto a patented technology filter card, the card then gets inserted in the device for analysis and results are displayed in 20 seconds:

Green: risk-free, no Covid-19 biomarkers detected

Red: high risk, Covid-19 biomarkers detected

SmellCells, as sales, business development & research partner of Canada based Teknoscan Inc., is excited to present the TSI-3000 Analyzer as a groundbreaking point-of-care device able to detect Covid-19 biomarkers in human breath.

Our device can be used for everyday preventive measures such as mass screenings at events or airports, in public places, schools, etc.

Some of the unique characteristics of the TSI-3000 Analyzer are:

- Compact Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) at atmospheric pressure

- Mobile device 

- Breath analysis within 20 seconds

- Installation in less than 20 minutes

- Non-invasive sample collection

- Samples taken with a patented & reusable filter card (works up to -30°C)

- Ecologically sustainable solution, no bio-waste

SmellCells and Teknoscan are currently focused on obtaining all necessary medical authorizations in different parts of the world.

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