Why work at SmellCells?

With dozens of new job openings and big shot technology companies available out there to apply for and work at, we don't even bother telling you why you should consider working for us.

Instead, we rather tell you four things you will be missing out on, if you don't!

One team. One heart.

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

Are you ready to join us?



You are not a number. With us, you become part of the SmellCells family!


Future of technology

You get to be part of a technology development that will rock this world. 


Give and take

Life is all about balance. And so is working with us! 


Make a difference

Most companies tell you this. Yet, with us you get the chance to prove it.

The company

SmellCells AG is working on the market launch of a novel sensor technology based on synthetic biology which can analyze volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in real time. Our mission is to offer customized security solutions against biological and chemical threats.

SmellCells presents its own advanced solutions to read VOCs in human breath, in the environment and in liquids in real time and to digitize, interpret and efficiently use the information contained therein. 

From the early detection of diseases, for example, to the detection of listeria or explosives, we help make the world a safer place.

Current job openings:

While our company is growing we currently have all team members on board!

Check back soon for available jobs!