Frequently asked question
but, how do your living sensors know?

"but, how do your living sensors know?" That's one of the questions our company has been asked many times. In short, the approx. 3 million cells and receptors built in our biochip made by Koniku are trained with a unique A.I. technology. It behaves similar to us humans: the more coffee we smell and drink, the more our brain will know and recognize its scent and flavor. Once we know - we know!

And not only that: since our sensors can detect any kind of smell up to PPB (parts per billion) - they analyze in real-time and provide valuable data about a coffee bean's origin and quality.

Our technology can provide an incredible opportunity for improved process and quality management in the food & beverage and agricultural industry. Let us know how we can help your business!

Added security
through real-time detection